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Do you want to live your BEST life, but aren’t sure how?

Do you ever lay awake in bed at night feeling like you should be doing more in your life but are too overwhelmed or unsure where to start? Do you want better health, better relationships, or better finances but can’t seem to figure out how to do it?

Don’t go another day feeling confused, hesitant or unsure about your next step to greatness! 

The BEST Way to a BEST Life™ is a 4 step strategy that will give you a road map to help you achieve immediate results in what you desire the most, without the overwhelm of not knowing HOW. It is based on principles that have helped millions of people reach their goals, and puts the power in your hands with a follow along, fill-in-blank approach.

It’s time.

YOUR time… to start living a life where your profession , health, relationships and spirit thrive together.

If you know deep down you were meant for more, that you can be better, and do better, this your chance to finally rise and start climbing your mountain of potential with a doable, step by step plan.

Imagine waking up feeling amazing, excited for your day, and happy about your life. Life can be good again, fun again, and with the right tools and a little inspiration, you can start becoming the person you know you were meant to be.

You CAN start becoming the parent or partner you know you can be. You CAN start living a more mindful life. You CAN start to have the body and health you want. You CAN be master of your finances. And you can do it all together at the same time, in 4 repeatable steps.

The BEST Way program puts the map to your BEST life in your hands. It helps you create the life you always have dreamed of, but never knew where to start.

I'm ready to start building my BEST life, NOW!

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The BEST Way will provide you with the structure and accountability you need to get there. If you want to succeed in reaching optimal health, having the relationships you long for, or improving your finances, you need a plan! The BEST Way to a BEST Life is your personalized plan to making your BEST life, a reality.

After serving 10+ years as a healing arts practitioner, I have found that people find lasting happiness, success and fulfillment by maintaining progress  in what I call the Fundamental Four areas of human excellence: Health & Body, Mind & Spirit, Relationships and Finances. These are the foundation that BEST Way™ uses to build a life you can THRIVE in. With this incredible system that is based on project management principles, you will have a plan to:

  • Be the BEST you in your Health & Body
  • Be the BEST you in your Mind & Spirit
  • Be the BEST you in your Relationships
  • Be the BEST you in your Finances

In The BEST Way to a BEST Life™, you will uncover the power of the BEST acronym, which represents a series of consecutive, repeatable steps. These steps can help you master the art of execution and equip you with the tools necessary to take you from where you are now, to exactly where you want to go. Don’t keep putting your  dreams on the horizon when you can manifest your heart’s desires with a system that was built to bring you to success. With my background as a project manager, I know what it takes to get things done, so I created the BEST Way to help people like you use these tools to create a life they love. The BEST acronym stands for…

Backdoor Breakdown
Extraction Exercise
Successive Strikes
Traction Threshold

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Are you ready to start building the life you long for with 4 repeatable steps?

You can create a map to better relationships, better health, a better body, a better spiritual practice, and your BEST finances with a method that can be used over and over again to get the results you desire.

If not here now, when? When will it be your time?

Join The BEST Way to a BEST Life™

If you want to be healthier and feel overwhelmed about where to start, The BEST Way to a BEST Life™ will take the guessing out of the equation and give you a plan you can be confident about.

If you want to improve your relationship with your partner or a family member and feel unsure of your next move to improve it, then you can put the power of change in your hands; discover how all the little things in successive order can add up to big shift with this systematic approach.

If you know you want to nurture your spirit and meditate more, you can create a personal plan that provides you with the structure you need to thrive.

If you want to have thriving finances, whether it is budgeting better or launching a project, the step by step method of The BEST Way to a BEST Life™ will carve a clear path to get there.


  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE COURSE LIBRARY OF 3 INCREDIBLE MODULES with 29 Video Sessions, everything you need to master this 4 Step Strategy to own your life the way you crave it ($4,999 Value)
  • The BEST Way WORKBOOK with 70 Downloadable Fill-in-the-bank worksheets, step by step guide to greatness ($19.99 Value)
  • A BRILLIANT & REPEATABLE SUCCESS SYSTEM, that you can use again and again to achieve immediate results where you need it the most (PRICELESS!)
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS TO A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE All Striving Towards Their BEST Life, Together! Unite with others who will inspire you. (PRICELESS!)
  • BONUS: 3 MONTHS LIVE COACHING CALLS,  to get expert support and guidance while you master a method you can use the rest of your life! ($2,999 Value)

WOW! That’s a Total Value of: $8,017!

For a limited time on Mastermind, I will be offering this course for ONLY: $999!

AND… You will get a 7-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, your money will be refunded.

BEST Way Video Modules Sneak Peak:

Create Your North Star – 9 Video Sessions

STOP making Goals and START making Traction Targets. The Fundamental Four as a foundation for your BEST life. Establish Macro Moves, so your mountain of potential starts forming steps that lead to the top. Breakdown barriers so nothing can stop you.

The Art of Execution – 12 Video Sessions

Execute on you heart’s desires like you never have before, with the fill-in-the-blank worksheets and steps laid out in this module. Learning the Art of Execution will have crushing you it at life like a professional project manager crushes it on the job. Tap into the vein of the world’s most successful, by mastering Successive Strikes, where you become the sculptor of your BEST life.

Power of Persistent Effort & Progress – 8 Video Sessions

Be empowered as the sculptor of your life. Keep your momentum rolling by learning how to use the BEST Way for perpetual progress, a true source of sustainable happiness. Understand the glorious power of the BEST you, creating your BEST life, in a ripple effect that makes a BETTER world.

YES, you CAN make big life changes with this strategy, repeatable structure and sequence.YES, you CAN achieve immediate results, have confidence, and improve the quality of your life.

You deserve it, and your loved ones deserve the BEST you.

It’s never too late to create the life you dream of, you still have today, and your tomorrows can be much brighter with the right strategy.

But wait! The BEST Way course isn't launched yet.

The BEST Way system is going to be released soon, but while I do the final touches, I am offering an incredible deal for those that are ready to commit to creating the life they long for, today!

For a VERY limited time, you can get everything listed above for only $999!

You heard that right!

For now until the course is officially released, you can get…


This is a $8,017 value FOR ONLY $999!

This offer is only available for a short time before I launch, and you get 7 days after you receive your course to to use the money-back guarantee.

I can see you in your BEST body, living a healthier and happier life.

I can see you thriving in your relationship thinking back to this day that you said YES to your next step.

I can see you crushing it financially because you finally got organized with the BEST Way steps to move your project forward.

I can see your spirit soaring by getting the structure you needed to improve your spiritual wealth.

You have 2 choices now…

1. Stay in the overwhelm of knowing you were meant for more but not knowing how, your deepest heart’s desires left unfullfilled.


2. Take this leap of faith that showed up for you at the right time, to take your life to the next level, feeling confident about each next step. Feel uplifted, inspired, and gain momentum towards the woman or man you were meant to be.

Sign up to play all in, go all out on your life, in a way you never had the courage before.

Do it before this AMAZING deal goes away and the price goes up. This is YOUR time, your moment to be all you can be in the most essential areas of your life.


Results, results, results!

They say the proof is in the pudding, so try the BEST Way approach and if you decide it isn’t right for you, you can get a full refund in 7 days.

This approach works! The principles in which it is built has helped millions of people in the last century reach their goals. Here’s what a couple of my clients had to say…

“Bri’s coaching approach helped me immensely. Her techniques involved scheduling mini tasks which helped me get things done, and slowly improved different areas of my life.”

– John Halford, Nevada City, CA

“Working with Bri has been a life changer for me. She helped me define my goals and structure my time so that I could make progress towards those goals. She’s excellent at helping me put methodical processes in place to maximize my productivity. Bri helped me put sustainable discipline in place that had been so elusive.”

– Brad Murphy, Sebastopol, CA

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