Dear ones, it is important to remember in this time of chaos and change, that there exists an underlying divine order at play within our lives. I believe the world we live in has been built on a faulty foundation, and that the current systems that run our world are unsustainable. Our social systems, especially our financial systems do not include a perception of wholeness and equality. Amidst the mayhem that is unfolding in our lives because of (COVID 19), may we open our hearts and minds to a greater possibility unfolding.

Chaos is a catalyst to change. Our entire world and the systems that run it are shaking at their roots. For the first time in history, the hamster wheel we run on inside this matrix has temporarily stopped. What an opportunity to question how we have become so enslaved to a system that perhaps we don’t even believe in. Why do we live our lives chained to the clocks around our wrists? Have we become numb to the fact that we wake up each day and follow the pattern of the masses, going through the motions of a world with so many imbalances? And at what cost? 

Our planet, our physical bodies, our mental and emotional bodies are all suffering. Everyone has different ailments that they’re suffering from on different levels. We are part of a collective sickness. A global disease. As a healer, I see this illness reflected in the  bodies, minds, emotions and spirits of all the people I see. Underlying the chronic illnesses I witness, is a social illness, born out of a society whose activity operates out of profit and loss. Our mental, emotional, and physical bodies are pushed to limits in the demands of our societal norms. Yet we are out of tune with our natural rhythms, and the way we are made to to move in harmony with nature and Earth’s natural processes.

Since the (COVID-19) outbreak, parts of our reality have been paused. When I was in the bay area, I was told that all the smog in the city cleared after the total Quarantine. I’ve heard similar things in China and other countries. Imagine that, our whole world put on pause and all the damaging Co2 emissions drastically drop in a matter of days. Birds and nature begin to take over in places that were usually crowded cities. People who’ve never seen the open blue sky or stars in big cities can see them for the first time. In Venice, after a week of lockdown, dolphins, swans and fishes began to fill the canals. This is nature in all its splendor and beauty seeking to restore balance. We humans have become the disease, our nasty habits polluting our natural world. With the recent circumstances, it is as if our creator has lifted a veil, for us to see through the illusion of this world and reality that we have created. A worldwide natural disaster such as this opens our minds and expands our consciousness to possibilities that didn’t even seem possible before. Imagine what a beautiful world it would be without humans constant abuse and destruction of nature and the natural world.

A rumor I heard is the possibility of mortgage companies pausing payments. How can all the families that have been affected pay their mortgage when they can’t work and their children can’t go to school? What a brilliant idea, for all mortgage payments to be suspended for several months. Then the renters don’t have to pay either. What I find most intriguing about this…is that this possibility exists. Doesn’t that make you wonder, what other possibilities exist? I feel like we truly live in a world where anything is possible, but our reality exists only inside a small box of our infinite potential. Couldn’t we just as easily wake up one day and decide that our whole financial system isn’t serving humanity as a whole? Who is making these decisions? Who decides when or if we get “permission” to be excused or not excused from debts? Someone also told me that there’s a possibility of people receiving money from unemployment that our country will just print out money. Where does this money come from? Doesn’t that make you wonder about the strange illusion and dream that we participate in every day? Just as much as “they” can decide when and how money is distributed, we can also as a collective united decide that we don’t want to participate in the reality and system that has been set forth in this world. We can choose as a collective united to not play the financial game of profit and gain at the expense of the health and sanctity of nature and humanity as a whole.

There is a much better system that awaits us, born from a place of wholeness and balance if we can reach our awareness and consciousness beyond the patterns of those who have placed these systems globally. It is systemic disease that we are so deeply entrenched in, and perhaps the shifts in thinking produced by the presence of COVID-19 can be a portal that opens a passageway to new value systems. If we can find a place in our hearts and minds to value each other and what we have to offer to each other without capitalizing for gain, we can make room for a future that is more inclusive of humanity’s needs as a whole.

We are a collective, we are one, we are one organism, we are one ecosystem, and we are all part of the same Earth System. We are all connected and we are all interrelated, no matter what race, creed, color, religion or country of origin. The greatest illusion of our world is separation, and one of the greatest causes of separation are these social systems that we have in place. In the face of disaster, we are leveled with our fellow humans, and our compassionate hearts are activated to help others that don’t have access to resources. What if we built a world system that is based in the same equality?  In moments of great need, when these systems collapse, it is our opportunity to work from our natural rhythms and intuitions to support each other, to do what feels right instead of what we are conditioned to do because of societal norms that separate us.

I feel like (COVID-19) is a small representation of a greater virus or disease that has infiltrated our world and realities. A disease that is born from greed, from selfishness, from separating ourselves from the oneness and interconnectedness we all share. I believe we do have a worldwide state emergency, but it’s not just (COVID-19). The wisdom of this Earth has been speaking to us; in fires, in floods, in Earthquakes, in natural disasters, with global warming and now with this (COVID-19) outbreak. This world needs a radical revolution, because if we don’t change the course in which humanity is headed, there will be nothing left for our future generations. We are on a sinking ship. The wisdom of our creator and the wisdom of this earth are joining together to warn us of our current destructive path, and tell us it’s time that we all change our thinking and ways of living to more sustainable practices. We need to create systems that are local and sustainable and not based on profit and share. We need to work as separate limbs of the same body that we are.

My greatest hope is that people will use the energy of this time of great challenge, and transform it to growth, individually and collectively. There is a great need to become revolutionaries, brilliant thinkers, and expand our awareness outside of this box that we’ve been living in. In this time of stillness when our children are home from school and some of us are unable to work, we have an opportunity to pause and reflect on the lives we have been living. What would our world be like if we were not enslaved to our 9 to 5 jobs? If we were not serving a faulty system that is a monopoly for a few on top to gain from those many struggling on the bottom? What if we grew our own food in tribe-like communities and didn’t have to rely on these mainstream systems? What if we became more like the peaceful Native Americans that lived here before the new America slaughtered them all? All of our technology, all of our world system that is so materialistic and artificial, is a disease for this planet and is creating incurable diseases in our body. We have crated an artificial matrix and trapped ourselves in the poison of it. We are living in a modern disease, and if we continue on that trajectory, we may cause irreversible damage to ourselves and this earth. We are at the tipping point and it’s time to wake up! This coronavirus outbreak is an incredible opportunity to expand our consciousness collectively in a way that we have never done before. It is an opportunity to question everything in the world as we know it. This time of challenge can be such a great gift in a world that needs great healing and balancing.

The first step is to change our hearts and minds in ourselves. To decide to dedicate ourselves to this cause. To be constantly and consistently engaged in thoughts, words and actions that generate ideas and energy towards systems that create wholesomeness and sustainability. If we can come to a firm resolution within ourselves, then our revolution can become viral in a way that becomes the cure, and spread to the hearts and minds of many. When the hamster wheel starts spinning again, are you going to get on it the same way you were before all of this happened? Can we all really go back to living the way we were or can we take this opportunity to create a shift internally within ourselves and globally within our world?

I have great interest in making worldwide alliances with all the revolutionaries that see the need for change as I do. When we move as one, with one interest and one cause, anything is possible. Let us unite together and transmute all of our fear and apprehensiveness into hope and inspiration of creating a more balanced world. I have a dream that these old systems that are destructive to the planet, to humanity, and the well-being of all sentient beings on this earth, will slowly disintegrate. That all greed, fear-based systems and realities crumble and decompose to fertilize the visions of sustainability yet to come. I personally would give anything to see this world come into balance. 

So I call to all you lightworkers, Star Seeds, revolutionaries, justice fighters, go-getters, visionaries , believers and especially plain average folks, to spread this message and fight for the change this world needs. Each morning when we awake and each evening before we sleep, let us picture the planet and bless it with divine light, love and transformation.  Let us unite in the common shared vision of visualizing these old systems deteriorating and making way for a harmony this earth hasn’t seen for thousands and thousands of years. Instead of getting caught up in the fear of these changes, each breath that we take every day, take in faith and knowing that we are making way for a great and beautiful change that humanity is in dire need of. When we succumb  to fears and doubts, the collective energy of the planet becomes unsettled and difficult to make the inspiring changes needed. Stand with me and stay committed to holding a frequency and intention of love and hope in our hearts, holding a vision for a better earth and better systems to emerge. We are the future. We are co-creators. We can stand united in our prayers and visions. We can be empowered, together.

Please do your part as a citizen of Earth during this transformative time.  You can do this meditation every day for 30 days, to bless the Earth and shift the course of humanity:

Dear Ones, If you’ve made it this far thank you for receiving this transmission.

More to come soon via my blog…

In Truth, Love, Light and Simplicty

Bri Griffen