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Create the life you always dreamed of!

Life can be full, and often our goals and intentions often fall to the wayside. Having a professional accountability ally with regular check-ins can help you stay focused and on track. Dreams need foundations to flourish upon, and foundations are built one brick at time, or rather one step at a time. My background and expertise in the healing arts, as a health & life coach, business coach, retreat leader, project manager, and business operations manager provide an eclectic and brilliant  mix for a truly inspirational and organized support person, offering a great foundation for me to support you.

Success is achieved by taking the first step, followed by clear and defined successive steps, that bring you steadily closer to your goal. Getting organized, getting your goals prioritized, and removing obstacles creates a clear path to where you really want to go!

Do you have personal goals, like eating healthier, exercising more, or having a regular meditation practice? Do you have amazing projects waiting to burst forth into creation? Business or money saving goals? Success awaits you in your endeavors, and we will work together to find solutions that will be broken down into small steps to attain your goals. This is my superpower, and I help people stay focused and organized as they move with confidence and clarity towards their goals. I am your professional accountability ally, and I will help you do what you have always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start. I am a motivational coach and project manager all wrapped up in one great package I am offering to help you improve your health, your business, and your life.

The first step is the hardest, and once you get some momentum going, you will confidently CLIMB that mountain of possibility, and create day by day the life you have always dreamed of!

In what area do want to BE YOUR BEST?

Here are some areas I offer support for…


  • Exercise, weight loss, workout routines, and yoga
  • Mental & emotional wellness goals & pain management
  • Diet, grocery/meal planning, & healing our food relationship
  • Spiritual goals, meditation, breathing exercises


  • Business planning, management and organization
  • Personal financial goals: money saving, budgeting, investment
  • Project management & support with start-up businesses and projects


  • Using mind alchemy & the power of positive thinking to transform your life
  • Improve your relationships with the many tools/tips I have to offer, dating coaching & dating profile creation
  • Ways to wake up feeling great instead of dreading your day
  • Management of your life, work, projects and relationship rhythms to optimal balance


What you can expect:


  • Professional support in exploring and defining goals in all areas of your life: health, mind/body/spirit wellness, relationships, business, finances, projects or side hustles. We will create clear, defined, and measurable goals in the areas of your life you want to work on.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ZOOM calls to stay on track towards your most desired goals, to address and remove obstacles to success, as well as for support, courage and upliftment as you get closer to the success you always dreamed of.
  • Proper Prioritization and task management of goals and intentions, while balancing all areas of your life: health, finances, family and relationships.
  • Inspiration, kindness, and accountability, balanced with an objective and wide perspective

Here are some things we will do together:


  • Define & Clarify Goals
  • Create Simple, Step by Steps to Success
  • Regular Check-ins & Coaching in Goals
  • Progress & Goal tracking 
  • Create Systems of Success for Managing your Life
  • Removing Inner Obstacles Exercises
  • Create Positive Thought Forms to Inspire & Uplift

Meet Your Coach

Bri Griffen is a dedicated coach with over a decade of experience in the Healing Arts. She has a natural ability to lead and guide others with focus, compassion, and determination. In her more recent years she has worked as a project and business operations manager for several businesses, giving her an incredible edge to help uplift, organize and create attainable goals with her clients. Her passion is to help people improve themselves, their lives, and their relationships.

After years of studying and working with many different healing modalities, she has developed a unique coaching style that encompasses many compartments of life. For health and wellness, her approach focuses on balancing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects to reach optimal health. She often incorporates many of the tools she has learned such as breathwork, yoga, and meditation into the wellness plans of her clients. From her background in business, she brings remarkable skills to help people reach their goals, using her experience in project management to organize and execute tasks seamlessly.

Achievements & Experience:

Certified Associate Pranic Healing Practitioner
Certified Yoga Teacher
Retreat Leader
Massage Therapist
Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator
Life, Health & Wellness Coach
Business Coach
Project Manager
Business Operations Manager
Personal Assistant
Life Assistant


Simple Steps Towards Solutions

 Step 1: FREE Consultation – time for us to chat and get to know each other while exploring the possibility of working together.

Step 2: Set up a weekly or bi-weekly time to meet on Zoom. We will work together regularly to define and get clarity on goals in all aspects of your life. If you know you want to change, but aren’t sure where to start, this step is great in revealing what you value, and identifying areas to create measurable goals in. 30 min power sessions or 1 hr deeper exploration.

Step 3: Setting up systems of success. We will create step by step plans to help you succeed in the goals that you set. I will be your professional accountability ally to encourage and uplift you along the way. We will create infrastructure and support systems to track and monitor your progress.

Step 4: Removing obstacles. Identifying what gets in your way and working as a team to overcome it.

Step 5: Celebrating successes and setting new goals. Empowerment and accomplishment, and raising the bar.


Success is not an accident, it takes you taking the next step.

Your Investment

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions are $150/hr
  • 5 (60 minute) Sessions: $599
  • 10 (60 minute) Sessions: $999

Sessions can be done weekly or biweekly, or monthly, depending upon how fast you want to progress.

SPECIAL: 50% off your first session

Free Consultation

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