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Coaching & Personal Assistant

Are you seeking…

success in your endeavors, but aren’t quite sure how?

Perhaps you have some personal goals, like eating healthier, exercising more, or having a regular meditation practice. Maybe you have a list of projects that you want to get to, or money saving goals. Sometimes getting organized and taking the first steps on the road to success can be the most difficult part. This is one of my specialties, helping people stay focused and organized as they move steadily towards their goals.

Personally, when I set a goal in any area of my life, whether it be a health, relationship, finance, project, or a life goal, I like to set up myself for success. Setting myself up for success means really defining my goal, and the steps I need to take to succeed. Once my intention and the path is clear and defined, I set up systems that will support my success. With the right amount of set-up and follow through, checkpoints and reminders, these goals or intentions are easily realized.

Coaching Overview

Here are some things we will do together:

  • Defining & Clarifying Goals
  • Creating Steps to Sucess
  • Health Coaching: Diet Plans, Workout Routines, Food planning, Detox, Virtual Workouts or Yoga
  • Regular Check-ins & Coaching in Goals
  • Progress tracking

What will it look like to work together?

There are various tools and skills that we will use to help you succeed in your endeavors. In the start of us working together, I will help you set and define goals in different areas of your life. For instance, you may want to lose weight or eat healthier, so we would come up with a diet regimen, shopping lists, scheduled food preparation routines, ect. to support your intention. Then, we would we put it in your calendar, setting alarms or reminders, or other “checkpoints” that would help you stay on track. We may create 1-2 goals in each area of your life with success plans for each one. Then when we meet regularly, we will track progress, make adjustments, and when you reach goals we will celebrate and then set new ones! You could think of me as a professional accountability buddy, that will support you while coaching and uplifting you, as you move with more one-pointedness and constancy of aim and effort towards your goals.

Set Up For Success!

Here are some areas I can support you in success!

  • Health (phyiscal, emotional mental wellness)
    • Diet, exercise, weight loss, meditation, emotional balance, pain management
    • Mental exercise, learning a new launguage
  • Relationships 
    • Finding/Starting new relationships, help with making a dating profile; motivation
    • Balancing family time with other areas of your life
  • Finances
    • Setting financial goals
    • Starting/Managing Investment Acoounts/Goals
    • Support with start-up businesses/projects
  • Projects
    • Project Planning and Organization
    • Creating Step by Step process to succcess
    • Regular check-ins to track progress

… And so much more!!!


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions are $100/hr

They can be done weekly or biweekly, or monthly,  depending upon how fast you want to progress. Sessions last 1hr -3hrs.

MAR SPECIAL: 50% off for the 1st 3 people to sign-up for 6 months.