Dear Ally,

I have been asked to assemble an allegiance of Earth Grid Tenders and Light workers. The message came through several times in the last weeks, and I have finally come to terms that it is something that I really must do. Where to start? I have never met any other Earth Grid Tenders or Lightkeepers except one who was initiated in the same manner and territory that I was. I know they are out there, and I know that there are people that do what I do, but this is a new exploration for me.

I was initiated into Earth Grid work in Sedona, Az over 10 years ago. I have traveled around the world to many power vortices, sacred sites, and interdimensional doorways. I mostly do this work now by astral travel.  I have never openly spoken about this work, but the divine and my guides are asking me to do so. My work with the Earth Grid was dormant for some years as I got deeper into my studies as a Healer, but I have recently been summoned to reawaken this work.

As the intensity of this Covid 19 situation increased, so did my call to sit with the crystal libraries I have created in all the power centers of our Earth. As I entered the grid for the first time in many years, I have been shown a repeated vision of uniting with other Earth Grid Tenders and Light Workers. I have seen different aspects of this vision, one being a web of light that stretches across our globe with a unified intention and specific energy frequency to help tilt the collective consciousness of the Earth in the right direction. 

I recently took an astral travel trip to a gateway in Peru called Armu Muru. The gateway leads into a 4th dimensional realm to the land of the “tall white beings”. I have worked with and communicated with these beings ever since I first visited their gateway about 8 years ago. On my most recent visit, they said that their planet was once like ours, out of sync with nature, headed into darkness and destruction. They said they had to make a drastic shift to save the fate of their planet. During their time of “transition” a  group of light beings and workers united in a certain frequency and pattern to guide the consciousness of the collective. They connected to higher beings in higher dimensions who had already made such a transition, and anchored their light network in the wisdom of those who walked the path before them. They explained we are not the first faced with this step in evolution, and that there are many planetary systems that have made the consciousness leap that Earth is faced with, and succeeded. I have been asked to anchor the frequency and transmissions from our star brothers and sisters, not only from Armu Muru, but also from Arturius and Pleiades. I have a vision of uniting this assignment and many other projects with other Grid Keepers and Light workers around the globe.

I trust the divine hand in guiding this transmission to you. I am looking for people with experience Tending the Earth Grid, or Light Work between Extraterrestrial and/or Inner Earth Beings. I am looking specifically for strong, clear channels, who have the ability to hold high frequencies and ground them. Awareness and perception of third eye & crown chakras, as well as 8th chakra is helpful to bring down the energy and connect to the group of light workers and tenders that is assembling. I see a beautiful group of us working together in harmony to support each other in Earth Grid and Light work projects, with a great opportunity to share our experiences, wisdoms and support.

Although it seems like a great feat to gather all of you, I am very excited to get to know all of you and unite as One in the work. I am sure we will have much to share about our journeys, and much more to co-create. I am delighted by this opportunity to gather us together in a group that can openly communicate about our sacred missions, and work together to create a more harmonious and balanced world. We are true spiritual warriors and the time has come for us to work the front lines. A lot of you, like myself,  have been doing this work for lifetimes. An allegiance is exactly what we need to move our work forward together, and we are stronger united.

This is Karma Yoga, and for those who feel called to do their dharma with like minded light workers who carry a similar mission. Our group sharing will consist of zoom calls, group emails, a private facebook group, and possibly group texts as we get to know each other and share ideas, transmissions, and assignments.  I may in the future organize a non-profit for this group work that could potentially over time offer funds towards group trips to power centers and sacred sites around the world. I am in the process of buildinf a website for our organization that gives people a general understanding of what we do and how to support our mission. For now, all work will be done remotely and uniting in the astral and channels of the Earth grid at prearranged times. This whole project is in the early stages, but I am hoping to move quickly with divine guidance to adhere to the necessity of this work at this time. 

If any of this interests you or speaks to you, please tell me about yourself, how and when you became aware of your path as a Grid Tender/Light worker, and why you would like to become involved. Any details about your form of working with the Earth grid will be helpful. Please, if you know any other experienced Grid Tenders Or Light Workers, please pass this on.

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