We are indeed living in a matrix!

An intricate matrix of lies and deception.

It isn’t people themselves that are evil and weaving the delusion we live under.

It is not the illuminate themselves that release chaos and conspiracy to overthrow goodness.

It isn’t the Greys themselves, or other ETs with malicious agendas to overthrow Planet Earth.

It isn’t the ELITE themselves holding us in an unsuspected slavery through the economy.

It is much BIGGER and stranger than that.

When the veil of this world was pulled back long enough for me to see the underbelly of how the world works, I was SHOCKED to discover an intriguing and inconvenient truth.

It all happened one fateful day, in a SUPERNATURAL encounter I had with the Creator of this world. It wasn’t until I asked the right questions, that I started getting the mind blowing answers I have been hungry for my whole life. Not only that, GOD asked me to write a book about everything he revealed to me in a series of supernatural encounters that came as an answer to a very desperate prayer.

Wanna find out what was revealed to me? I am finishing up writing the book, it’s called GOD WITHOUT LIMITS: Escape From the Matrix of Lies. You can reserve/pre-order your copy HERE

Can’t wait to know more about the matrix of lies I discovered?

NEWSFLASH PREVIEW: Our world is controlled by a group of malevolent beings that dwell in a dimension built around this world. This realm that they have created has many access points in which they attempt to control and manipulate our thoughts, feelings, and choices every day we walk in the Land of the Living. These beings gain access to control us through points of weakness physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Their gateways to our mind and heart are often through wounds in our soul.

My book is a detailed account about how I discovered their presence in my own flesh, hidden in the shadows of a matrix of mind bending lies. The web of deception I was living in was unfathomable, until my world was cracked open in a supernatural encounter with GOD!


This book is the first step to freeing yourself from a bondage that most don’t even realize they have. Just beyond the matrix of lies that cover this world, exists a magnificent and glorious presence that can spontaneously and miraculously transform your life’s most challenging life conundrums. The day the presence of God touched my Spirit, I was healed from a lifetime of untreatable chronic pain and illness.

My message to you is that our creator God wants to encounter you, heal you, and help you break free from the hidden prison that most live inside. You can solve your unsolvable problems by pulling back the veil and discovering the truth for yourself about God and the ways the world works. It only takes humility and the right questions, which you can read all about in my book.