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Escape From the Matrix of Lies

Written By Bri Griffen

Release expected November 2023.

This mind-bending account divulges what was revealed in one woman’s astonishing, supernatural encounter with God. When the veil was pulled back from her eyes, it exposed a shocking matrix of lies that kept her from experiencing the one thing she longed for the most.

Through the temples of India, Jungles of Peru and a lifetime of meditation and spirituality, Bri was certain she knew a lot about God and how the universe worked. Yet that all changed one fateful day when her anguish led her to an invaluable question that was the catalyst for this remarkable tale.

This story about one woman’s relentless and passionate pursuit of God will captivate you as she takes her readers on an unforgettable journey through her extraordinary life experiences. 

Don’t let this intriguing book slip through your hands, and miss the opportunity to escape from a matrix of lies, explore the supernatural wonders and miracles of our Creator God, and get to know God Without Limits.

WARNING: This book has the potential to completely alter and change the reality you know. By the grace of God, it is now in your hands. Time to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.



Audio files (MP3s) to help with prayer, healing, deliverance, and getting closer to God will be made available here soon!