Bri Griffen founded The Healing Service in 2016 to serve others on their path to healing. After many years of practicing in the Healing Arts and occult, she had a supernatural encounter with God that completely transformed her path and approach to helping people in their healing process.

In her first encounter, the Spirit of God appeared from the heavens, and descended as a white dove. When the Holy Spirit touched her soul, she experienced supernatural insight, miraculous healing, and prophetic visions.

That first encounter was one of many more to come in which many things were revealed to her. She has now devoted her life to sharing the hope, healing and good news of the Lord. She has written a book about her experience with hopes to inspire thousands, if not millions to encounter the power and glory of the Lord.

She has plans to serve in ministry, travel around the world as guest speaker to help others encounter God Almighty, Holy Spirit, and Yeshua. She sets aside time every week to offer prayer and healing sessions with her team, which can be booked through this site.

Healing Services

From this site, you can order a copy of her book, learn more about her guest speaker services, or book a prayer healing or deliverance session with her.

Everything she offers is generously supported by donations, and if her works have touched your life, please consider a donation to support her in her life calling of serving God.

She has plans to write a second book on GOD WITHOUT LIMITS. Please check the events page or join the mailing list to be informed about upcoming events in your area.

The Healing Service’s mission is to help people build an extraordinary, 1-on-1 relationship with God our Creator, and to discover the supernatural power and grace available to us in living a life according to God’s will, laws and principles.