Bri Griffen

Healing Arts Practitioner

Helping you on your journey toward wellness.

The Healing Service is my service to humanity. The techniques and modalities I use work address the underlying causes of disease and imbalances in the body, mentally emotionally, and physically.

My Story

Bri Griffen is a dedicated Healing Arts Practitioner that uses several different healing modalities to address the core and cause of why disease or imbalances manifest in the body. Her wide range of skills and experience address the many different needs of her clients. Her approach focuses on balancing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of each person so reach optimum health.

For the last 7 years, her focus has been Pranic Healing, a powerful and effective Energy Healing system. She is trained in Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy,  Pranic Crystal Healing and is a Certified Associate Pranic Healer. Through this healing modality, she has addressed ailments in herself and helped others in treating joint pain, colds, asthma, cancer, lymes disease, migraine headaches, menopause and many others. It is her mission to continue to help alleviate others suffering with this miraculous healing technique.

Bri Griffen has been a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator for 6 years, and has studied with Leonard Orr. She currently sees clients for one-on-one sessions, couples sessions and group breath work sessions.

When Bri first decided to become a yoga teacher, she desired to study a form of yoga that had an emphasis on the spiritual side of yoga. In February of 2010, Bri completed her teacher’s training course in Sivananda Yoga, at Yoga Chakra School in India. A portion of her curriculum outside of Asana practice, was dedicated to studying the Bhagavad Gita, doing daily pranayama and Samadhi. The peace and stillness she found in these deeper aspects of Yoga is something she feels inspired to share in her classes. She has been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaches from a foundation of sivananda and other forms of Hatha. She currently offers private yoga sessions in person & virtually.

Education & Training

Certified Associate Pranic Healing Practitioner

I was originally certified by The Center For Pranic Healing in New Jersey, I have completed the following MCKS courses:

~Pranic Healing      ~ Advanced Pranic Healing

~ Pranic Psychotherapy      ~ Pranic Crystal Healing

Certified Yoga Teacher

I completed my teacher’s training course in Sivananda Yoga, in India. Her choice to study Sivananda came from a deep desire to learn a more traditional form of Yoga that encompasses spirituality as well as the physical benefits produced by asanas.

Massage Therapist

I started my professional career as a massage therapist at Zen Springs Spa in Layfayette, CA  – 2011.

Rebirthing Breath Work Facilitator

I have 5 years of practical experience after training under founder Leonard Orr

My Approach

In our Western Culture the approach to Health & Healing is segmented with a tendency to focus upon, and, treat the symptoms. I come from a place of nurturing led by intuition while being backed with a well balanced ‘toolbox’ of experience and training. This approach encompasses the four  main elements of every person… which is:

the Physical,

the Mental,

the Emotional,

the Spiritual.

If a balance can be struck in these three realms, I find the journey toward wellness is accelerated.

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