Pranic Healing,
Rebirthing Breathwork, Massage & Yoga 

Offered by Bri Griffen

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Are you, or someone close to you suffering? Are you ready to create a breakthrough or shift in your condition or ailment? Are you just curious, or wanting more peace in your life? I feel like everyone who finds this website, stumbles upon it for a reason, whether it is to learn more, explore new healing modalities, or to receive healing sessions. The Healing Service is my service to humanity, so that I may humbly share the tools and gifts of these healing practices to alleviate the suffering of other people. Look below to discover more about Pranic Healing and the rest of what I offer, or simply use the menu.

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In Western medicine, there is a tendency to focus upon and treat the symptoms, rather than find the root or cause of disease manifesting in the body. When we use the alternative medicine approach, we can address underlying causes that are often overlooked. There are many forms of alternative medicine, and it is important to find the one that works for your particular issue.

Pranic Healing



Rebirthing Breathwork

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing® is a simple, yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing.



Traditional Hatha style yoga composed of 12 basic postures with classes being offered in beginners format


Offering Swedish style massage that is characterized by long, full body strokes, intuitive and nurturing touch, and the use of pressure points to release tension. 



Rebirthing is a type of body-centered breathwork, that helps to release emotional traumas, stored stress, and pain in the body.


“With Bri’s help, I got through an incredbly tough period in my life…  pre & post brain surgery”

~ Kenji, Hawaii

“Excellent healer.”
~ Mikael Stuart, Nevada City

“I was referred to Bri Griffen for a Pranic Healing session. I was looking for someone to help with what felt to me like energetic congestion, I couldn’t explain what I was feeling it just felt like energy work was what I needed. It was my introduction to Pranic Healing and it was very relaxing, refreshing and effective. I was intrigued and decided to try some of the variations of Pranic Bri offers and focused in on a specific ailment.

I had been having pretty severe hot flashes for over a year, nothing else I did made a difference, dietary, hormone replacement etc. I invested in these sessions and followed her recommendations by doing biweekly sessions with her for a month, I can tell you that my hot flashes went away!

When I come down with the flu and fever it can trigger a subtle return of symptoms but I see her once and it clears.

I cant say enough about how impressed I am by Pranic Healing and Bri Griffen’s abilities. It is now my monthly tune up and my go to when ever I need extra support.”

~ Karri Knowles, Grass Valley